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Each member of the Amelia Island Chapter, NSDAR, is proud of the direct lineage connecting her to a Patriot who aided the cause of the American Revolutionary War through military, civil, or patriotic service. Our Patriot ancestors sacrificed their lives and fortunes to fight for the freedoms that we enjoy today. We honor their legacy through our membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution.


If you think you have a Patriot ancestor, you can search the DAR Ancestor Database to see if he or she has already been acknowledged as a DAR Patriot ancestor. The database includes information taken from verified DAR membership applications and is not a comprehensive list of all who served in the American Revolutionary War. New Patriots are added as they are proven through DAR membership applications. If you would like us to help you prove your connection, please feel free to contact our chapter registrar.

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John Allen (Private)

Lemuel Stewart (Private)

Eliab Farnum (Captain)

Samuel Cary (Private, Patriotic Service)

Daniel Freeman (Lieutenant, Patriotic Service)

Elias Bingham (Sergeant)

Samuel Beaumont, Jr. (Sergeant)

Laban Beach (Civil Service)

Eleazer Mather, Sr. (Civil Service)

Eleazer Mather, Jr. (Sergeant)

Daniel Roberts (Private)

Stephen Tucker (Lieutenant)

Curtis Cleveland (Private)

Solomon Frost (Private)

Timothy Judd (Civil Service, Patriotic Service)

Samuel Stannard (Corporal, Civil Service, Patriotic Service)

Ebenezer Phel (Lieutenant, Patriotic Service)

Eliab Farnum (Captain)

William Sizer (Captain)

Elias Bingham (Sergeant)

John Barnes (Sergeant)



Abner Hammond (Lieutenant)

Micajah Paulk, Sr. (Soldier, Patriotic Service)

William Cone (Patriotic Service)

Timothy Ricketson, Sr. (Patriotic Service)

Timothy Ricketson, Jr. (Private, Patriotic Service)

Drury Cade (Patriotic Service)

John Rosser (Private, Patriotic Service)

Burroughs Higginbotham (Soldier)

Nathan Sweet (Soldier)

Wylie Pope (Soldier)

James Walker (Soldier)

Reuben Thompson (Patriotic Service)

Henry Ware, Sr. (Soldier, Civil Service, Patriotic Service)

Onesimus Futch (Soldier)

John Lee (Soldier)



Elisha Gale (Lieutenant)

Gershom Hawks (Civil Service, Patriotic Service)

Jabez Kellogg (Sergeant)

Ambrose Morton (Private)

Josiah Everett, Jr. (Private)

John Jordan (Private)

Francis Alonzo Towne (Non-Commissioned)

Eleazer Snow, Sr. (Lieutenant)

Eleazer Snow, Jr. (Private)

Amzi Doolittle (Lieutenant, Civil Service)

Ambrose Morton (Private)

Johnson Tolman (Civil Service)

Samuel Hyland (Private)

John Daniel Vaughan (Private)

Amos Chase (Patriotic Service)

Lemuel Colbeth (Private)

Joseph Purington (Private)

William Henshaw, Jr. (Sergeant)

Jesse Bradley (Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service)



Tobias Hammer (Soldier)

William Pack (Private)

George Nye (Patriotic Service)

Matthias Sailor (Patriotic Service)

Jacob Piper (Patriotic Service)

Thomas Lazenby (Soldier, Patriotic Service)

Samuel Wikoff (Private)

Thomas Lazenby (Soldier, Patriotic Service)

Alexander Duval (Patriotic Service)

Tobias Hammer (Soldier)



Peter Rust (Private)

John Cobb (Private)

Isham Peacock (Private)

James Drake (Patriotic Service)

James Morgan (Patriotic Service)

John Hardy, Jr. (Captain)

John Gracey (Private)

Peter Gruber (Sergeant)

John Witherspoon, Sr. (Civil Service)

Henry Parish (Private)

William Rose (Ensign)

William Maness (Soldier)

Joseph Thornburgh (Patriotic Service)

Owen Griffin (Patriotic Service)

Nathaniel Jones (Civil Service)

Willis Pope (Lieutenant)

John Stovall, Sr. (Patriotic Service)

George Howard (Private)

Thomas Lindsey (Patriotic Service)

David Blackshear (Private)

Samson Carver (Soldier)

John Gooding (Patriotic Service)

Lewis Lanier (Cornet)

Richard Stubblefield, Jr. (Private)

Samuel Flake (Civil Service, Patriotic Service)

John Joyner, Sr. (Patriotic Service)

Lemuel Britt (Soldier, Patriotic Service)

John Dillworth (Patriotic Service)

James Holderness (Captain)

John Lewis Theodore Irion (Private, Patriotic Service)

Josiah Suttles (Patriotic Service)

Thomas Wooten (Colonel, Civil Service, Patriotic Service)

Jasper Billings (Private)

John Wilcoxson (Patriotic Service)

Jasper Billings (Private)

Amos Church (Private)

John Church (Patriotic Service)

James Hampton (Patriotic Service)

Thomas Hampton (Soldier, Civil Service)

Robert King (Patriotic Service)

William Laws (Patriotic Service)

George McNeil (Patriotic Service)

John Shepard (Patriotic Service)

Robert Shepard (Patriotic Service)

Michael Swink (Civil Service)

Moses Waters (Private)

John Evers, Sr. (Soldier, Patriotic Service)

Daniel Highsmith (Soldier)

Shadrach Lassiter (Lieutenant)

Moses Linster (Patriotic Service)

Peter McDaniel (Patriotic Service)

Thomas Parker (Patriotic Service)

Daniel Gunn (Lieutenant)

William Rose (Ensign)

Daniel Smith (Captain)

William Davidson (Captain)

William Battle (Patriotic Service)

James Stewart (Private)

William Miller (Private)

John Hardy, Jr. (Captain)

James Pierce (Captain)

Thomas Neal (Private)

Richard Stubblefield, Jr. (Private)

William Alston (Colonel)

William Flake (Patriotic Service)

Robert Cleveland (Captain)

Matthew Myatt (Patriotic Service)

William Utley, Sr. (Civil Service)

Batson Whitehurst (Private)

John Devane, Sr. (Major, Civil Service, Patriotic Service)

John Treadwell (Major)

Samuel Knox (Lieutenant)

Abraham Mitchell (Private)

Peter Puff (Patriotic Service)

Jacob Yount (Soldier)

John Stovall, Sr. (Patriotic Service)

Josiah Stovall (Patriotic Service)

Sampson Carver (Soldier)

Reuben Ransom (Soldier, Patriotic Service)



Josiah Bartlett (Colonel, Civil Service, Patriotic Service, Signer of the Declaration of Independence)

Timothy Lowell (Private)



Francis Hopkinson (Patriotic Service, Signer Declaration of Independence)

John Thomas Hampton (Staff Officer)

I, Srael Brush (Private)

William Baird (Wagoneer)

David Cook (Ensign)

John Hart (Patriotic Service, Signer of the Declaration of Independence)

Jacob Ford, Sr. (Civil Service, Patriotic Service)

Moses Tuttle (Civil Service, Patriotic Service)



John Allen (Private)

Paulus Freer (Soldier, Patriotic Service)

Peter Green (Private)

John Hazeltine, Sr. (Patriotic Service)

Isaac Morrill (Sergeant)



John Eastwick, (Private, Patriotic Service)

Baltzer Kohler (Private, Patriotic Service)

Charles Smith (Private)

John Manning (Private)

John Swan, Sr. (Patriotic Service)

Michael Ballmer (Private)

James Kerr (Patriotic Service)

Thomas Larimore (Private, Patriotic Service)

Conrad Shissler (Private)

Thomas Blackburn (Patriotic Service)

Jacob Light (Private, Patriotic Service)

George Henry Reinhold (Patriotic Service)

John George Reinhold (Private)

George Michael Sailor (Private)

Peter Vore (Patriotic Service)

John Morrow (Soldier)

Bernard Albright (Private, Patriotic Service)

Martin Bottorff (Patriotic Service)

Jacob Dreisbach (Soldier, Civil Service)

Martin Dreisbach (Civil Service)

Andrew Leist (Sergeant)

Henry Spyker (Colonel)

Peter Spyker (Civil Service)

Robert Culbertson (Major)

Charles Cochran (Corporal)

Charles Smith (Private)

Abraham Etter (Private)

James Kerr (Patriotic Service)

Thomas Larimore (Private, Patriotic Service)

Catherine Smith (Patriotic Service)

George Ackerman (Patriotic Service)

Charles Smith (Private)

Abraham Etter (Private)

John Manning (Private)

Charles Smith (Private)

Sampson Pearsall (Private, Patriotic Service)

Andrew Geist (Sergeant, Patriotic Service)

Thomas Fenton (Patriotic Service)

Thomas Blackburn (Patriotic Service)

Isaac Snowden (Staff Officer, Civil Service)

Conrad Shissler (Private)

Michael Klinefelter (Private)

Nicholas Murray (Private)

Daniel James (Private)

Philip Firebaugh (Private)

Jacob Harpster (Private)

James Kerr (Patriotic Service)

Thomas Larimore (Private, Patriotic Service)

John Gamble (Private)

Wendel Trout (Private)



Lemuel Stewart (Private)

Pardon Tabor (Civil Service)

Isaac Manchester (Patriotic Service)



Edward Van Der Veer (Private)

Light Townsend (Private)

Boardwine Waters (Soldier)

Rachel Quattlebaum Derrin (Patriotic Service)

William Milwee (Major)

John Skelton (Soldier)

Seth Prior (Private)

Richard Bush (Patriotic Service)

Ralph Smith (Civil Service, Patriotic Service)

Absolom Davis (Soldier)

William Hay (Patriotic Service)

Charles Heard (Lieutenant)

Moses McCarter (Civil Service)

William Smith (Major)

Charles Floyd (Captain)

Adam Ruth (Patriotic Service)

Thomas Whaley (Private)

Thomas Hardeman (Captain)

Thomas Ayer (Captain)

David McCalla (Private)

Richard Griffin (Civil Service, Patriotic Service)

William Simpson (Private)

Abner Hammond (Lieutenant)

Richard Bush (Patriotic Service)

Samuel De Surrency (Private)

Robert Coleman (Sergeant)

John Bentley Nixon (Patriotic Service)

James Matthews (Soldier)

William Henry, Sr. (Patriotic Service)

John De Loach (Soldier)

John Holman (Civil Service)



Nicholas Murray (Private)

Thomas Fortson (Lieutenant, Patriotic Service)

Robert Curry (Private)

John Essary (Private)

Mary Sims Walton (Patriotic Service)

Simeon Walton (Civil Service)

Lodowick Tuggle (Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service)

John Adam Roush (Patriotic Service)

John Staton (Patriotic Service)

John Anderson (Soldier)

Lewis C. Davis (Private)

William Smith (Patriotic Service)

Angus Rucker (Captain)

John Pearson, Jr. (Patriotic Service)

William Bibb Key (Private)

Benjamin Childress (Soldier)

John Strawn (Private)

Mary Polly Craig Hawkins (Patriotic Service)

William Pyle (Lieutenant)

John Watson (Private)

Benjamin Jennings (Private, Patriotic Service)

John Cobb (Private)

William Whitfield (Private)

Richard Hill (Patriotic Service)

Adam Ivey (Patriotic Service)

Chatten Daggett (Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service)

Philip Jacob Irion (Patriotic Service)

Giles Turley (Ensign)

Sampson Turley (Patriotic Service)

Thomas Billings (Patriotic Service)

John Critchfield (Private)

Robert Hairston (Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service)

Alexander Hunter (Patriotic Service)

John Phillips (Patriotic Service)

James Powell (Patriotic Service)

George Stovall, Sr. (Patriotic Service)

Thomas Billings (Patriotic Service)

Bartholomew Batt Crowder, Sr. (Patriotic Service)

William Crowder (Patriotic Service)

Samuel Hall (Patriotic Service)

Thomas Hall (Patriotic Service)

Merry Webb (Patriotic Service)

Sarah Wilcoxson Boone (Patriotic Service)

Patrick Sinnett (Private)

William Graves (Patriotic Service)

Thomas Purdom (Private)

Nathan Swanson (Patriotic Service)

William Swanson (Patriotic Service)

Peter Rust (Private)

John Peter Corn (Private)

Thomas Walker, Sr. (Civil Service, Patriotic Service)

William Bush (Lieutenant)

Reuben Catlett (Patriotic Service)

Overton Pennock (Private)

David Mims, Jr. (Patriotic Service)

Anthony Newhouse (Seaman)

Peter Livengood (Private)

James Barham, Jr. (Private)

William Wallace (Soldier)

Lodowick Tuggle (Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service)

Benjamin Jennings (Private, Patriotic Service)

James Deakins (Private)



John Hazeltine,Jr. (Staff Officer)

Amzi Doolittle (Lieutenant, Civil Service)

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